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How To Delete Oculus Account?




How To Delete Oculus Account?

Have you decided that it’s time to part ways with your Oculus account? Whether you’ve moved on to a different virtual reality platform or simply no longer have a need for it, deleting your Oculus account is a straightforward process. In this guide, I’ll take you through the step-by-step process of deleting your Oculus account, ensuring that your personal information is completely removed from their servers.

1. Sign in to your Oculus account

To start the process of deleting your Oculus account, you’ll need to sign in to your account. Open your preferred web browser and visit the Oculus website. Click on the “Sign In” button at the top right corner of the page and enter your login credentials.

2. Go to the Oculus account settings

After signing in, you’ll be redirected to the Oculus homepage. Click on your profile picture or the drop-down arrow next to it, and then select “Settings” from the menu.

3. Navigate to the “Account” tab

Once you’re in the Oculus account settings, you’ll see a menu on the left side of the page. Click on the “Account” tab to access the account settings.

4. Scroll down to the “Support” section

In the account settings, scroll down until you reach the “Support” section. Here, you’ll find various options related to your account, including the ability to delete it.

5. Click on “Contact Oculus Support”

Under the “Support” section, click on the “Contact Oculus Support” button. This will take you to a new page where you can request assistance from the Oculus support team.

6. Select the “I have an issue with my Oculus account” option

On the support page, you’ll be presented with different categories to choose from. Select the option that says “I have an issue with my Oculus account” to proceed.

7. Choose “Deleting an account” as the issue type

After selecting the account issue category, you’ll see a list of specific issues related to your account. Choose the option that says “Deleting an account” to indicate the reason for your support request.

8. Fill out the support form

Once you’ve selected the account issue and the reason for your support request, you’ll be prompted to fill out a support form. Provide your name, email address, and a brief description of the issue. Be sure to mention that you want to delete your Oculus account.

9. Submit the support request

After completing the support form, review the information you’ve provided, and click on the “Submit” button to send your support request to Oculus.

10. Wait for Oculus to confirm the account deletion

Once you’ve submitted your support request, Oculus will review it and respond to you via email. They may ask for additional information or provide further instructions. Follow their guidance and wait for their confirmation that your account has been deleted.


Deleting your Oculus account can be done by following a few simple steps. Sign in to your account, access the account settings, navigate to the support section, and contact Oculus support to request the deletion of your account. Fill out the support form and wait for Oculus to confirm the account deletion. By following this guide, you can ensure that your personal information is removed from the Oculus servers and that your account is permanently deleted.


Can I delete my Facebook account Oculus?

Yes, you can delete your Facebook account Oculus.

Can I remove my Facebook from my Oculus account?

Yes, you can remove your Facebook account from your Oculus account.

Do you still need a Facebook account to use Oculus?

As of October 2020, Facebook accounts are now required to use Oculus devices.

Do the games stay on my Oculus if I sell it?

No, the games do not stay on your Oculus if you sell it. The games are tied to your Oculus account, so when you sell the device, the new owner would need to create their own account and purchase the games separately.

Why can’t i use my Oculus after deleting Facebook?

If you delete your Facebook account, you will also lose access to your Oculus account as they are linked together. Oculus requires a Facebook account to log in and use their services. Deleting your Facebook account will result in the deactivation of your Oculus account, making it impossible to use your Oculus device.

Are Oculus games tied to your account?

Yes, Oculus games are tied to your account. When you purchase a game on the Oculus Store, it is linked to your Oculus account and can be accessed on any compatible device associated with that account.

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